An Artful Journey: The Kanazawa Edition

Explore the hidden treasure of Japan, Kanazawa, celebrated for its beautifully preserved traditional districts and vibrant arts scene. A swift 2.5-hour bullet train ride from Tokyo transports you to this enchanting city, where Yuki Nara, an acclaimed ceramic artist and architect, awaits to guide you through an excursion filled with exclusive experiences. This multi-day tour includes a private exploration of the 21st Century Museum, a reservation at a sought-after sushi restaurant, and a personalized lesson led by the artist. Beyond the exceptional chance to connect with a living legend in the art world, this tour presents the opportunity to purchase artwork by Nara. Extend your stay and explore nearby Toyama, a city famed for its seafood, sake, and craftsmanship.
TOKYO LUXEY provides exclusive and bespoke special tours that cannot be found elsewhere. Each tour is completely private and will certainly become an unforgettable experience in Japan. Please find your favorite experience and feel free to contact us anytime.
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