Japanese Perfume Making

As you walk through the Japanese gardens of temples and tea houses and enter the tatami-matted rooms, your senses are awakened by the beauty of nature and the spirit of Zen. Here, we invite you to capture and take home an essence of Japan in the form of bespoke fragrance. Tomonori Ueda, one of Japan's leading perfumers, has been mixing scents for perfumes and cosmetics for nearly 40 years. He will assist you in creating a complex and rich fragrance that evokes the four seasons based on the distinctive aromas of Japan, such as cherry blossoms, clear water, moss garden, incense, green tea, and fragrant olives. The finished scents are bottled and wrapped in natural handmade Japanese paper or reusable beeswax wraps. This experience is designed to calm the mind and sharpen the spirit in a traditional Japanese atmosphere.
TOKYO LUXEY provides exclusive and bespoke special tours that cannot be found elsewhere. Each tour is completely private and will certainly become an unforgettable experience in Japan. Please find your favorite experience and feel free to contact us anytime.
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