Hakone, KANAGAWA & Mishima, SHIZUOKA

Explore an Ancient Path in Hakone Hachiri

Explore an Ancient Path in Hakone Hachiri "The Old Tokaido Road, connecting Kyoto and Tokyo for centuries, offers a true sense of history steeped in nature. Walk through the exceptionally preserved section of Hakone Hachiri, a cedar-lined stone path that unveils breathtaking views of lakes and mountains. Pause at a 400-year-old traditional tea house where you can savor their time-honored amazake (non-alcoholic sweet rice wine). Discover the art of local Yosegi woodcraft, spend the night at a serene inn, and indulge in the region's delectable soba and eel specialties on this replenishing guided journey. This experience was curated in collaboration with the Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs and inspired by the Japan Heritage Story #062 “A Perilous Mountain Pass on the Kyoto-Tokyo Highway"
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