Time Slip to the Edo Period

Byaku Narai is an inn that opened its doors last year in Narai-juku, Nagano Prefecture, the longest post town in Japan that still retains a strong trace of the Edo period. Walk along the streets of Narai-juku, and encounter a hundred stories of the fascinating scenery, climate, culture, and people of Narai and Kiso. Byaku Narai offers a new culinary experience designed around the unique environment and culture of Narai-juku. The menu, curated by Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa of Den, winner of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, is pleasing to the eye and the palate. For a taste of some local sake, visit Suginomori Brewery next door. Guests can tour the building, which initially housed Suginomori Sake Brewery in 1793 before it was renovated and brought back to life in the modern age. Soak in a hot spring bath, experience Zen meditation at a local devoted temple, and take your time to enjoy an excellent old-fashioned Japanese experience.
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