Fish Market Tour and Sushi Making

The historical Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the most iconic marketplaces and a must-visit place for food connoisseurs. Yoshinori (Yoshi) Tezuka, the fourth-generation sushi chef at Matsunozushi, a long-established sushi restaurant, will lead you on a guided tour of the Tsukiji Outer Market. As the first in Japan to receive CoC certification*, Yoshi takes sustainability seriously and is committed to promoting sushi culture with his cross-cultural communication skills cultivated through his experience. Early in the morning, while walking through the vibrant marketplace filled with top chefs, tourists, and locals, you will observe tuna being dismantled and learn about fresh fish and vegetables, Japanese knives and tableware, and more from a top chef. End the morning with a hands-on sushi-making lesson by Yoshi and a sushi breakfast of your own to enjoy. (*Chain of Custody certification)
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