Yamabushi Experience

Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan, and Mt. Yudono, known collectively as Dewa Sanzan, are located in the Yamagata prefecture of the Tohoku region and known as one of the leading areas for Shugendō. Visiting Dewa Sanzan is said to be an experience of rebirth. During the Yamabushi experience, you will wear a white costume, practice a part of the training away from the secular world, and learn about the nature of the Dewa Sanzan and Shugendō. Rediscover yourself by experiencing the symbiosis between nature and humanity and by sharing the spiritual culture of Yamabushi from ancient times. The Buddhist vegetarian cuisine served at the Saikan on the summit of Mt. Haguro features exceptional handmade sesame tofu and is packed with essences of the area’s culture and nature.
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